Who has REAL influence?


Tired of dedicating countless hours to finding, vetting and tracking bloggers? Or perhaps you don’t know where to begin when it comes to this space?

INFLUENCER.org is the solution, helping you to find the right talent, manage objectives and track return on investment.

Use this innovative platform to find the influencer who will offer maximum impact, regardless of whether you’re hosting a press trip, seeking brand ambassadors, looking for product reviews, or launching a content marketing campaign.

Three options for using Influencer.org


Already working with influencers but seeking a better way to track engagement, impressions and outreach? Invite them to join the program in order to access the most comprehensive data and statistics regarding their social success.


Sign up to access our database, and search for candidates who match the profile you’re looking for. Message your top candidates individually or as a group, describing the available assignment and what compensation or contra will be offered in exchange for content across their various platforms.


The My Passion Media team will integrate influencer content into a broader marketing campaign for you, where we’ll give an agreed number of assignments to the top talent in our database, based on who best complements your brand and campaign objectives. It’s no hassle and requires no direct involvement from you.

INFLUENCER.org allows destinations and brands to:

Select quality, vetted influencers who complement your brand

With an overwhelming number of content creators dominating the web, we have preselected the most influential of the group so all the work that goes into determining who has real influence is done for you. Using our intuitive software, you can narrow down your options based on age, location, specialty and experience to ensure the perfect fit for your product or destination.

Set clear objectives & correspond efficiently

Choose to communicate one-on-one with prospective candidates, or send out a mass pitch to your shortlist, outlining needs and goals. You decide the timing and budget for each campaign, putting influencer content back into your control. All communication with your influencer(s) can be done directly through the system, whether you’ve initiated the conversation or they’re looking to pitch ideas to you.

Track content reach & measure ROI

With our advanced reporting capabilities, you can access big data to quantify campaign success based on your key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing you to continue to leverage those influencers who have the greatest impact. Use the Advanced Report module to track performance, reach, conversations and even sentiment. All of this information will help to accurately measure your campaign’s return on investment and guide future campaigns.

Save Time – Save Money – Ensure Accuracy – Validate Results


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